If you have a strong passion for our faith and want to help plant that same seed in our youth, we hope you’ll consider joining our Youth Ministry Core Team!

High School Youth Ministry (works with grades 9-12) – Our HSYM group meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month and is rooted in meshing the themes and topics from teen culture into the strong teachings of the Catholic Church. Our curriculum uses resources that come directly from Life Teen, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing catechetical resources for Catholic youth. These resources are easy to use and help us craft the agenda for each night, allowing the core team to be effective in building relationships with the teens in areas that each team member is comfortable. Do you prefer to give the teaching? How about lead small group? Are games your area of expertise? There is a spot for you on the HSYM core team!

Middle School Youth Ministry (works with grades 6-8) – The MSYM group meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month with an emphasis in introducing these early teens to the foundations of our Catholic faith. We introduce themes such as the saints and the Bible, what is Heaven and hell?, the sacraments, prayer and the mission of Jesus here on earth. Life Teen also provides us with these easy-to-use resources that allow for great discussion among these inquisitive teens. The same ideas ring true as above when we say the best core members are the ones that just share their lived experiences of success and failure and frame it for these teens. We love our middle schoolers and their lively spirit. Are you up for the challenge? I know you are!

Confirmation Yr. 2 Small Group Leader (works with grade 10) – The confirmation program at St. Pius X is broken down into two years. The second of the two years in focused on the catechetical formation for the candidates. This group meets bi-weekly on Sunday afternoons from September through March/April, where the curriculum is focused on the depth of the sacrament and the power of the Holy Spirit. Set up similar to a HSYM night, the teens are broken into small groups that remain the same for the entire year and allow for the core member leading the group to grow with the teens as they prepare for the graces freely poured out during the confirmation liturgy. If you are looking for the more of a teaching type role as a core member this team may be for you! We would love have you join this team!

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