Jump In!

Our theme for the year focuses on how we can take the next step in our faith journey. We’re excited to offer several new programs throughout the year, and even bring back some old ones as well! Check out all the ways you can jump in this year to deepen your faith and help our vibrant parish continue to grow!

Catholicism 101

Join Father Russ in a 4 part class on the basics of Catholicism! This class will address the following topics regarding our faith:

  • What do we believe? (through the Creed)
  • How do we believe our faith? (through the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes)
  • How do we apply what we believe to our lives? (through Morality)
  • How do we make adjustments in our lives based off what we believe? (through Reconciliation and ongoing learning)

The Chosen Series

The Chosen is an amazing look at the lives of the Apostles, those “chosen” by Jesus. This series goes deeper into the lives of the disciples as they began their journey with Christ. 

Participants will gather on campus to watch an episode of ‘The Chosen,’ and discuss how it parallels to their daily lives in small groups. Discussion questions will be provided at each session.

In-person & online sign ups begin the weekend of October 1st/2nd

That Man is You

Join Deacon Marty in the 2nd year of our men’s ministry: That Man is You.

This program addresses the pressures and temptations that men both single and married in all age groups face in our modern culture. It is designed to be an interactive multimedia program that appeals to men of all ages.

Take the Leap

We have several opportunities for you to share your gifts and talents. Whether it be during the mass, through special collections, or outreach based, taking that leap will help you develop a deeper relationship with God