Gather 10 FAQs

What are Small Groups?

Small Groups are made up of 6-10 people who meet in a more personal environment to discuss faith, go deeper in the weekly Sunday readings and support one another in their relationship with Christ.  Members pray for one another, care for one another, and develop friendships with others who are growing their faith.

Why should I join a Small Group?

In Small Groups, we grow in fellowship and relationship with God and each other in ways we cannot grow on our own.

What happens in a Small Group?

Groups meet in members’ homes for approximately 90 minutes. The meetings usually begin with casual conversation then an opening prayer.  Group members discuss the weekly Sunday readings and message using discussion questions provided by St. Pius X in an effort to apply God’s word to their own lives.  Meetings end with group prayer.

How long is my committment to a Small Group?

We encourage everyone at St. Pius X to be in a small group, though we understand that there are times, and even seasons of life, when this will be difficult. There is no hard and fast lifecycle for our groups.  We encourage our Small Groups to meet and grow together for as long as they like.

Do I need any kind of qualifications or is there a fee?

There are no qualifications or fees. You don’t have to be a member at St. Pius X or be a Catholic to join a small group.  Everyone is welcome!  We encourage all our church members to join a group and invite their friends.

Where is the Group going meet?

Once the group has been established, the facilitator will contact the group members asking if someone would be willing to host.   If they want to be sure the group will stay in their “neck of the woods,” they should consider hosting.

What is involved with hosting?

Having a place for people to sit. If they would like to provide a beverage that would be fine, but nothing else is required.  How big or how clean or how fancy one’s house is should not be a factor in deciding whether to host.  These groups are about gathering closer to Christ.

What if I can’t attend all of the sessions?

Don’t worry about missing a week or two. Just let the facilitator know when you won’t be able to attend and return when your schedule permits

What if I don’t see a group that I feel comfortable joining?

Consider forming your own group. Gather together a group of no more than 10 of your friends and family and bring the Word of God to life.

Do I need to bring anything?

Discussion questions will be available on the website. You may print off a copy and bring them with you.  You may also want to bring your Bible.

Who shall I contact for more information?

For additional information or questions please contact Ann Rose at or 518-462-1336, ext 2017